Juniors: Start a summer reading list...

Read, read, read… There are many theories about education, but there is one fact. The key to doing well in school and getting into college is reading.  It improves grades, test results, and is the best predictor of whether students will succeed in college. So, start working on your summer reading list now because the best feeder school to the college of your choice is Amazon.com -- or your local library.

If your school doesn't provide a summer reading list, create your own. Need ideas? Check out “101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers”. Or Google “summer reading lists for high school students." Ask at your local library.  And bookstores often have the summer reading lists for all local high schools. Then, read, read, read…


For more information on getting into college and what colleges want, please see Chapters 1 and 2,  "The Big Picture"  and "Getting Organized," in College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step.


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