14 Wildly Untrue Things TV and Movies Tell You About College


The Huffington Post takes a look at lies Gossip Girl, Pitch Perfect and Boy Meets World told you about college. We'd like to add a #15 -- "There are only 8 colleges in the United States." Because, as they say in #1 here, everybody goes to an Ivy League school -- or Stanford, of course. For the other lies, read 14 Wildly Untrue Things TV And Movies Tell You About CollegeTrue confession: Our favorites lies were the ones they told in Legally Blonde. What? Like it's hard to get into Harvard?!?

Jennifer Delahunty, Kenyon College

This month, we have turned the interview tables on Jennifer Delahunty of Kenyon College to ask her our 5 Questions for the Dean. In addition to her work as the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the 1600-student Gambier, Ohio, campus, Delahunty is a well-known writer on all things admissions. (Full disclosure: we have been lucky enough to participate in one of her editorial projects!) In 2006, an op-ed she penned for the New York Times on gender issues in admissions, To All the Girls I've Rejected, went viral. It's just one example of the honesty and transparency that she brings to the admission process in all that she does.  Join her here to gain some of her trademark insight into Kenyon -- the classroom, the campus, and the admission office -- and some of her sage advice for parenting through the process.